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To those outside the media world all the license terms used to supply stock photography can get to be a little confusing! here's some help:


A license is the agreement that a photographer or agency provides and that the image buyer or user agrees to when they buy or download an image for use - even if the image is free you are usually bound by some kind of license agreement

                        Licenses explained


Editorial Use: Permission to use in blogs, newspapers, magazines and other publications.


Commercial Use: Permission to use in marketing and advertising to promote a product or service.


Exclusive and Non-Exclusive: Exclusive use means that the one who purchases the license from you is the only one who can use the photo. Non-exclusive photo licenses can be purchased and used by anyone and usually cost less.


Creative Commons: Conditional usage of your work is allowed as long as it is in compliance with the stated restrictions. Attribution to credit the creator is sometimes required.


Royalty-Free: Others can buy a license and use the photo for an unlimited duration and unlimited number of times. This is the most common type of license purchased and on the cheaper end of the spectrum since these photos are usually non-exclusive.


Rights-Managed: ( One Time Rights ) A one-time license can be purchased for a limited time to use the photo with restrictions regarding distribution. Additional licenses must be purchases for additional use.


Rights Managed: ( First Time Rights ) typically give the licensee the right to publish the work for the first time in one edition of a publication


Right of Publicity: The subjects in your photos are entitled to certain rights when it comes to their inclusion in your photography, especially when it comes to commercial use. This is a separate concern from the copyright considerations above and you should seek a subject's explicit permission first in order to be safe.


You do not need to register to download an image !

This site offers high resolution images licenced under different categories and prices to suit everyones needs. New photos are added weekly, and there is no need to register or sign up to download the images-Simply choose the right image from the drop down menu galleries, add to cart/checkout and you will be directed to Stripe  a credit card option in which you need to input your card details.

Once in checkout you can see the SSL secure shopping certificate

ensuring that all data is safe and secure.

As soon as you purchase the image you will receive a receipt with its order number and a download link in which you have 30 days to download.

All images are bound to the terms and conditions of this site and each licence is displayed in checkout and should be downloaded to view before you purchase an image.


Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy documents can also be viewed from the drop down menu in the header under Legal. 

Rights Managed (RM): One time rights

Mostly all the licences on this site are Rights managed under one time rights within a specific period of time.


We have :

3 or 12 months options ( image to be used within 3 or 12 months ) for web ready images which are lower resolution images used for the web.

And we have the same for the original file size which is the large images used for publishing...e.g...4000x3000 pixels


Please note that licences for 3 months and 12 months have different prices both for web ready and original file sizes

Inline credits when possible should include : Gibraltar Images


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